Welch Design Studio Architecture + Interiors

We are an architectural studio that specializes in high-end design.  Since our beginnings in 2006, the goal of Welch Design Studio has been to integrate the best of architecture’s beginnings with inventive designs, creativity, spirit and cutting edge technology. Together, with our clients’ vision in mind, our studio is committed to collaboratively creating architecture which is unique, inspiring and responds to the way our clients live, work and enjoy life.



LISA WELCH, Founder + President   Welch Design Studio (WDS) was founded in 2006 by Lisa B. Welch.  Lisa grew up with a very international and eclectic childhood.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture  MORE >


MARC WELCH, AIA  After 24 years at a company he helped develop into an internationally recognized firm, Marc Welch furthered his passion for architecture and joined forces with his wife Lisa. MORE > 




"Architects have the responsibility to create buildings that are the physical symbol of our society, of space, and of time. The end result must be the material manifestation of the present, reminiscent of the past while directing us to the future.  This is our burden and our great privilege."






What you are about to see is an architectural design concept from first line on paper to rough draft.  Thousands upon thousands of decisions are analyzed, building codes are examined, client’s program is dissected and interpreted, budgets are considered, proportions are studied, light and shadow are investigated.  All this and more happens over several hours of intense focus.  Here, with movie magic, condensed down to a tiny fraction of the actual time required.  These are just the initial steps.  From here the concept continues to be revised and in some respects the design process never stops.